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Programs and Classes 


Participate in self-defense and martial arts classes for fun and experience. ​(Dates and times TBA)

Emergency Preparedness

Learn skills, such as food preservation, to prepare for emergency events. (Dates and times TBA)


Develop new technological skills in instructional classes or use our computers for your personal use, such as to pay bills and fill out government forms online with our free WiFi availability. (Dates and times TBA)


Learn how to manage your finances and invest wisely to prepare for the future. (Dates and times TBA)

Civil Law

Learn about your government and your rights as a citizen. (Dates and times TBA) 


Gain experience growing crops in our community garden, and sell them back to us for a profit and we will use them in the cafeteria to feed the community. (Dates and times TBA)

Construction Machinery and Vehicles 

Become certified in the use of construction machinery and equipment to find find new employment opportunities. (Dates and times TBA)

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