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Programs & Services

Whatever you need, we can help! From self-defense classes to a shower with clean, running water, we have got you covered.

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to meet the most prominent needs of the community on a day to day basis, and in the aftermath of catastrophic events. 


Food Services

Enjoy a meal provided to you in a café setting with a modern feel.


Medical and Pharmaceutical Services

Make use of your convenient access to an on-site medical clinic and pharmacy.


Programs and

Attend a diverse array of educational classes and programs.

Basic Necessities

Benefit from the ammenities and supplies that the center has to offer.

Features of the Center

The Cubuy-Lomas Community Center is a complementary "one stop shop" complete with a range of features to benefit the community.


The center provides free meals to all citizens who need food assistance. Adding a twist to a typical soup kitchen, our community cafeteria is restaurant-style with the feel of a modern café.

Medical Clinic

The center is complete with a medical clinic with urgent care services. The clinic also provides ambulance service, and a physician is available to make home visits.


The center is home to a pharmacy that includes access to both prescription and over the counter medications. 

Library and Computer Lab

The center has an open library with computer access to hold educational programs and for personal use.


The center offers residents the opportunity to learn how to grow their own crops, which can be sold back to the center's cafeteria and facilitate economic growth.

Outdoor Theater

The center plans to renovate a former basketball court into an outdoor theater for movie screenings and local performances.

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